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“Time & Tide Wait for none” !! Time is too short and running fast. You need to complete multiple

time-bound activities throughout the days. Sometimes piles of activities cause hyper tension and reduce your efficiencies and thus it impact on the regular business.

Get Virtual Agent is here at your door, waiting for your order to handle those multi-tasks time bounding activities. Please accept it and accelerate your personality, productivity and thus Prosperity.

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We can help you and your organization to  overcome a wide range of business issues  and challenges.
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Our talented virtual agents are changing the face of online customer service and are fast becoming the buzz word and guide of client support communication for the new generation. To keep in sync with the changing customer needs, we have some functional plans to cater people form all walks of life for varied services. Our prices will linger as the chosen one for each requirement and it is updated regularly so that our relationship with our clients remains forever with repeat business and renewals.

Our Virtual Agent helps regulars attain and beat their goals. We provide our customers with a 7 day trial period to assess and understand our work. You have the facility to upgrade and downgrade the plan with 15 days of prior notice. If you still not confident that if we can carry out the work-Read our service list. If the task list is more than one - Gold plan is ideal. If you have only one assignment- Silver plan is suitable. We offer Silver, Gold and Platinum plans for our esteemed customers to shorten the distance between start and end point of any project.

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Service Plans
Select any of our three attractive pricing plan options as per your requirements.
This plan is the right one for customers who are looking for agents on a daily basis to manage.
This plan is ideal for business activities which lag resources to complete their task in definite time limit,
Our Platinum plan is perfect for enterprises that are looking for talents from the starting to the end of any projects.
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