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“Time & Tide Wait for none” !! Time is too short and running fast. You need to complete multiple

time-bound activities throughout the days. Sometimes piles of activities cause hyper tension and reduce your efficiencies and thus it impact on the regular business.

Get Virtual Agent is here at your door, waiting for your order to handle those multi-tasks time bounding activities. Please accept it and accelerate your personality, productivity and thus Prosperity.

Services Offered
We can help you and your organization to  overcome a wide range of business issues  and challenges.
Tech Support
Home assistance
Home Assistance

You are at the right place to find a compassionate, reliable and affordable assistance to all your homely needs. We provide an organized staff for your cleaning services as well as maintenance. With us you don't have to worry about paying multiple bills and paper works. Our agents will remind you timely for your payment dues so as to free yourself from related fine and charges. A complete service offering discounts for both seller and buyer and tackle all the real estate troubles.

Our agents will fix all appointments for your requirement and remind you accordingly regarding the venue and time. We are there to help you relax with all the wedding arrangements and event management works. Our agents will help to track down the best babysitters for parents and students who want to take care of their children and elderly people. As you can see, with all our services, your time will be well utilized as time is money! We do help our clients for collecting and updating invoices and getting payments

Get Virtual Agent extends following services into Home Assistance areas:

Organizing cleaning services
Organizing maintenance staff
Paper work
Paying bills
Purchases for the home
Real estate location
Appointments Cancellations
Organizing baby sitters
Wedding Services

 We're here to help
Service Plans
Select any of our three attractive pricing plan options as per your requirements.
This plan is the right one for customers who are looking for agents on a daily basis to manage.
This plan is ideal for business activities which lag resources to complete their task in definite time limit,
Our Platinum plan is perfect for enterprises that are looking for talents from the starting to the end of any projects.
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